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Terms & Conditions
  1. All quotations valid for a period of 30 days from quoted date.

  2. All prices quoted FOB Rancho Cucamonga or POE closest port of entry and title to the product passes to the purchaser upon delivery of the products to carrier.  All A&B Designs products are carefully inspected prior to delivery to the carrier and A&B Designs will not accept any claims for freight. Warehousing or installation damage.  Customers should carefully inspect all merchandise upon arrival and make claims for damage to the carrier immediately.  The costs of field repairs or adjustments performed by non A&B Designs authorized personnel will not be reimbursed unless previously authorized by A&B Designs in writing. All taxes, fees or duties which A&B Designs may be required to pay or collect as the result of the sale, purchase, use, delivery etc. shall be charged to the buyer to be promptly reimbursed to A&B Designs.

  3. All yardages quoted based on using 54”plain fabric unless otherwise noted.The designer, architect and/or purchaser shall be deemed an expert in selection of COM fabrics and assumes all risk and responsibility for selecting fabrics that are appropriate for the intended use and that comply with all applicable codes and regulations in the jurisdiction of ultimate use.  A&B Designs specifically disclaims any responsibility for any defects that may arise in the use of COM fabrics.  These include, but are not limited to:  wear ability, fitness for use, colorfastness, fading, shrinking, stretching, filling, unraveling, seam slippage, clean ability, flammability, discoloration or any other problem previously known or heretofore unknown that may arise from the use of such fabrics. Purchaser agrees to defend and hold harmless A&B Designs for any claim (including expenses and reasonable attorney’s fees) made against A&B Designs relating to any alleged defect in COM fabrics.

  4. All upholstery quoted with internal materials to meet California Bureau of Home Furnishings Technical Bulletin 117 and NFPA 26

  5. Intellectual Property Disclaimer:  All A&B Designs standard products are copyrighted by A&B Designs / A&B Contract / A&B Home / A&B Hongda Group. Orders for custom products are manufactured to the specifications of the designer, purchaser or their agents and representatives who shall be deemed experts in the field of furniture design.  A&B Designs specifically disclaims any responsibility or obligation to indemnify or defend designer, purchaser customer, specifier, architect, owner or any others for claims alleging infringements of trademarks, copyrights, patents, designs or any other issues collectively described as intellectual property. Customer confirms that it’s the originator of specifications for said product(s) and has clear title to the said intellectual property and will defend and hold harmless A&B Designs for any claims (including expenses and reasonable attorney fees) to the contrary.

  6. A&B Designs reserves the right to revise pricing if package details change.

  7. All prices are contingent on purchasing all items and quantities included.

  8. Freight Terms : All quotes are 3rd Party unless otherwise specified. All prepaid shipments will incur a 25% charge for services rendered.

  9. Terms :  50% deposit balance TBD.  In the event that credit is extended by A&B Designs a 1.5% per month interest charge will be assessed on all past due accounts.  Accounts seriously in arrears will be subject to repossession of supplied furniture. If legal action is required to collect past due accounts, client will be responsible for all attorney fees and court costs.

  10. Stone tops are an outsourced material and therefore not covered by our warranty. If your choice of stone requires sealing, this must be noted at the time of quote. See warranty for stone coverage limitations.

  11. The veneer tops on all items without protection of a glass top cover will naturally deteriorate under accelerated usage in a hotel application. Therefore unprotected veneer tops are excluded.

  12. Finishes – A&B Designs warranty does not cover any damage to or failure of the finish resulting from normal wear and tear or improper use, negligence, abuse, abnormal usage (including use or storage in conditions of high heat, high moisture or extreme temperature changes), improper maintenance or cleaning, water damage, exposure to sunlight, extreme high or low humidity changes, acts of nature, or incorrect application of chemical treatment or any protective coating not applied by manufacturer.

  13. Hardware – All decorative hardware is quoted as COM or equal unless otherwise noted in quotation.

  14. Warranty:  A&B Designs products are sold with a limited warranty against defects and materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of shipment in normal contract use.  This warranty does not extend to any COM fabrics nor to any damage caused by shipping, abuse or ordinary wear and tear. No warranty whatsoever is made for any loss of use, loss of revenue or for any upholstery fabric.

  15. Natural and Live Edge Wood Tops – As with all natural wood products, there will be some slight variation in color, texture, and finish color.  Products will have visible marks from tools used, patches from small repairs, knot holes, natural inclusions, and/or worm holes. There will be various separations or cracks on your piece when it arrives.  These naturally occurred as the wood was dried and shrank.  Over time, some continued shrinkage may accentuate the existing separations or generate new ones. This does not compromise the structural performance or integrity of the wood and is considered inherent to the natural beauty of the design.  These variations are not considered flaws and not acceptable reasons for returns.  All of our natural wood / live edge wood tables are natural and handmade. Therefore sizes are just an approximation. A&B Designs cannot guarantee the products are perfectly square or flat.  We do create usable and reasonably flat surfaces while highlighting the natural wood inclusions and hand carved surfaces.  A&B Designs cannot be held responsible for these natural variations. 

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